Barbecue, BBQ, Barbeques all on

Call them a BBQ, Barbecue Barbeque its all the same, you cannot beat the brilliant barbecued taste.

We gave the largest selection of barbecue grills in Ireland, bought charcoal and gas bbq's as well as masonry stone barbecues, built in outdoor barbeques, firepit barbecues and Chiminea barbecues.

  • 3 burner barbeque / barbecue.
  • 4 burner barbeque /barbeques.
  • 6 burner gas barbeques on request.
  • Masonry barbeques / barbecues, we have a range of pre-made barbecues, some models come with a 20 year guarantee
  • Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Portuguese styled BBQ's

Our brands include Leisuregrow gas barbecue grills, Beefeater, Barbeskew as well as many other high profile barbeque brands.

Comes to to get some great quality Barbeques, many of our bbq brands have been featured on the Dragons Den.

The Leisuregrow barbecue featured on Dragons Den as well as the Barbeskew which was voted the best Barbecue on Morning TV.

Buy your Barbeque today!